Monday, March 5, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S II ICS on 15 march

The official Facebook page of Samsung Israel seems to be giving users the long awaited good news that Ice Cream Sandwich is at last coming to their Galaxy S II devices. The guys over atAndroidCentral have provided a rough translation of the post from Samsung Israel:

We promised we were working on it. You waited patiently. And on 15 March it’ll arrive: Android version 4, ICS, to tens of thousands of GALAXY S II devices purchased from cellular companies in the country or directly from us. We are very excited for the launch, hope you are too :)

The news coming from Samsung Israel is obviously promising and should be taken in a positive light. But the fact remains that it is well overdue and only specifically applies to Galaxy S II handsets which were purchased in Israel, with no word about owners in other worldwide markets set to receive the update. The update process has to start somewhere however, and the fact that Samsung have officially announced that it will begin in ten days time in Israel is definitely a positive move.

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